About Me



  • ECE diploma with high honours
  • Police clearance
  • Family references available
  • CPR and First Aid
  • Food Safety Handling certificate


  • JK/SK teacher’s assistant in a private school setting
  • Infant to preschool E.C.E. teacher in a licensed daycare centre
  • Volunteer worker in a church nursery and preschool setting
  • Busy Bees Home Child Care – established in 1997


There are many advantages for home child care.  Busy Bees provides an environment for children which is home-like.  The physical arrangements resembles in some ways like your home.  We have a kitchen, cot/playpen for sleep, change table/toilet facilities and play areas in rooms on the main floor.  The small size of our group creates a warm and friendly environment. compared with most daycare centres.  The small number of children means we all have time to develop close friendships which in the end contributes to their feelings of trust, security, and confidence.

Moreover, Busy Bees includes infants to school age and as a result, children have opportunities to learn from each other.  For example, a toddler loves to give a little hug for an infant who is crying or an older child volunteers to help their toddler friend put on his/her friends shoe.

Busy Bees believes each precious child is special with his/her own personality, interests, and capabilities.  For example, during free play, some friends are crazy about playing with vehicles while others just enjoy colouring.  It’s good for children to learn to have respect for others as well as to develop self-esteem and confidence in themselves.